Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Beagle's Favorite Things

  • Walks, of course.
  • Other dogs. Even if they're on the opposite side of the street, he'll pounce and skip along like they're playing together. 
  • People. He is baffled every time we pass someone and they don't want to say hi and pet him.
  • Tennis balls. He has even mastered playing solo, and will toss and roll the ball himself and then bound after it. 
  • Ice cubes. I just gave him one in the kitchen and he happily ran into the living room, head and ice cube held high, to roll around with it.
  • Me! I feel so happy when I take him to my parents' house and he loves everyone there, but likes to keep me in his line of sight. 
  • Going for rides in the car. He's a good little commuter. He immediately settles and watches the world go by.
  • When I wipe his muddy legs and paws with a warm towel. He won't step out of the foyer until I wipe his muddy feet.
  • Garbage. He gets so excited when he spots garbage. He has tried to wrap his whole mouth around garbage bags.

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