Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Truths You Don't Learn Until Adulthood

  • Hard work will take you far in life. Getting your boss to like you will take you farther.
  • Identify the things that you're interested in and learn a lot about them. This will make you interesting. 
  • It's more important to meet people who are interesting than to meet people you have things in common with. 
  • It really is okay to have small breasts. Padded bras will  make your clothes fit just fine, and they're much more convenient than lugging around large boobs.
  • Exercise can make you feel better. 
  • It doesn't matter what people think of you. It matters what you think of them.
  • If you have wavy or curly hair, for the love of God, do not brush it!
  • You will acclimate to your level of happiness and forget to appreciate things. But, enthusiasm and appreciation make everything better. 
  • The people you once thought were old were only 25! 
  • It's a good practice to be nice. But sometimes, it's better not to be.
  • If you are female, most people will lead you to believe that it's your duty, and not your choice, to get married and then pregnant. Those people are wrong.
  • High school and college aren't as important as the projects you tackle and the people you meet there.
  • Pay attention to the people, things, and places you like when you're a little kid. These archetypes will show up again later.
  • Shit doesn't matter. Like, any of it. You'll know it when it does. 
  • Never stop playing!