Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Would Like to Have Drinks With Kelly Clarkson

While she's not really representative of my typical tastes, I have long wanted to get tipsy with Kelly Clarkson.

Girl just seems down-to-Earth. She can belt it, she laughs big belly laughs, and I even read an interview in which she totally owned her stinky armpits. Also, I'm a sucker for girl power-y songs. Especially "Stronger." Especially in the midst of a good break-up. 

So today I made a Kelly Clarkson station on Pandora. And I realized that Pandora must just lump Kelly in with "lowest common denominator music." And by that I mean no insult...I just mean, they play easy music that even people with no particular tastes will find easy-to-understand.

So far today, I have heard:

Bon Jovi - You Give Love a Bad Name
Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
2 Kelly Clarkson songs
Queen - We are the Champions
Journey - Don't Stop Believing

What do any of them have to do with Kelly besides being totally mass appeal songs? I was kind of dismayed. 

(Finally: a confession. I didn't vote for Kelly, back in the day. Season 1 of American Idol was the only season that I watched, or voted in, and I opted for edgier, pink haired, single mom, Nikki McKibbin.