Thursday, September 8, 2016

Why I'm Tired

Midnight: Dog can not find suitable position on humans' expensive Tempurpedic bed. After much flailing, decides to sleep sideways across the middle. Growls when we try to move her.

1am: Cat has decided to grace us with her presence. Snuggles under the covers, but gets mad and stomps around every time I stop petting her.

3am: Dog is dreaming. Kicks wildly. Emits muffled barks until soothed back to sleep.

4am: Cat, fed up with lack of attention, storms off in a huff.

5:50am: Cat, sensing that the alarm will go off soon, jumps the gun and announces to all that it's time for breakfast.
Dog cannot be roused.

10:19am, at my desk: Zzzzzzzzz.