Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year; I'm Subtle

Today my dear friend Suaz gave me a Pee-wee Herman clutch and also a pin that says "Ask Me About My Favorite Band," because she knows me very, very well. (And also because she knows I'll wear them without a trace of irony.)

I posted this photo on Facebook, and as a result one of my friends inadvertently ended up asking me about my favorite band. 

This prompted me, of course, to describe the way Eddie Vedder tosses the guitar solo to Mike McCready when it's time to shred the song "Even Flow" at a Pearl Jam concert. Mike will go crazy while Eddie steps to the side of the stage, drinks wine, dances, and offers demure waves to his fans. Then, Mike and his guitar will --tantalizingly, I assure you-- creep back into the chorus, slowly luring Eddie back into the song. Eddie will then do one of two things: he will either slink back across the stage and take the mic, or, he will linger, and then make a mad dash at the last possible second before the chorus takes off. If Eddie's late to the mic, or even if he's not, the fans know that the next verse is theirs, and the crowd explodes: EVEN FLO-O. THOUGHTS ARRIVE LIKE BUTTER-FLIES. 

It is a reliable ritual and we Pearl Jam fan club members eat it right up. 

But in actual news:

Today was a huge day at work. We held a rescue and pulled 27 dogs and 7 cats from death row at local animal control facilities. My favorite moment was when this dog, Rollo, stepped into our vestibule. It's normal for rescued pets to be thoroughly spooked when they get to the shelter, but Rollo was like, "How you doin'?" He just totally owned it. 

"Pleased to be here, what's up?"

And now for my shameful New Years Eve ritual. I work in PR and thanks to this annual rescue, I spend my New Years Eves exhausted, wine glass in hand and glued to the news, waiting to see myself.

There we go.

Yes, I did take pictures of my TV.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dinner at My Parents' House

Dad: You're looking better today.
Me: I got a haircut.
Dad: No, I mean you look good. Your Zeitgeist is better.
Me: What are you talking about?
Dad: Nothing. I'm using the word wrong. There were Germans at work today.
Mom [eating candy]: Here. Look. I found the United States of America.

The end.

A Girl Can Do What She Wants to Do and That's What I'm Gonna Do

I got my hair cut today. I like to cut my hair in tribute to Joan Jett.

My Joan Jett tributes last exactly one day, because I don't have the three hands patience required to operate a blow dryer + roundbrush. 

I saw Joan Jett play in Pensacola this summer and immediately recognized what I later read in books about her. Joan Jett is considered rebellious not because she's some deviant with an attitude problem. She's just her self... her larger-than-life, unabashed and unapologetic self. She manages to be a sweet, sexy, underdog who radiates joy and even kindness. I love this quote:
"I'm kind of a loner in a lot of ways, but in other ways, I'm very much a rule follower. Rules of civility. Rules that help us all get along. There's a thing called right-of-way, please and thank you. My rebellion is not about authority--well maybe it is a little bit about authority, but it's more about society." 
-- Joan Jett 
It is an act of defiance, sometimes, to just be happy being yourself. I've tried to love some people who couldn't handle all of me. It broke my heart, but there's nothing I can do about it. 

I think that if I ever get to have a daughter, when she hits that inevitable time in high school when she realizes she's too creative and free-thinking and self-aware to blend in with the popular kids, I will sit her down and play "Bad Reputation" and hope she doesn't think I'm just old and out-of-touch. And I'll say, from the bottom of my corny, sweet heart, "I don't give a damn if you think you're strange / you don't have to change."

You go, Joan.

Friday, December 28, 2012

A Reason Why I Love My Mom

Because when I come home from her house, I have weird goodie bags she filled with things like:

- a piece of pretty ribbon
- chocolate chips she found on sale
- a catalog that she enjoyed looking at
- an obscure kitchen item she once used but no longer does, with no explanation
- a clipped article about something I guess we might have talked about once
- or, like she gave me tonight, two coupons for toilet paper. (gee. thanks?)

I love her.