Sunday, September 16, 2012

Awesome things that happened to me this weekend:

I went to Kennywood, my beloved amusement park, to ride roller coasters with my friend Krista, her boyfriend Denny, and my amazing boyfriend. My boyfriend is still new enough that I am totally not over him and the cool shit he can do. Like how he can win carnival prizes like a champ

He WON me these! Be still, my heart. 
So, yes, the very best moment of my weekend was when Krista and Denny pulled over and sat down with a corn dog and fries and I was all, "We're going to go play games and come back with a giant stuffed animal." And then A MINUTE LATER, my amazing new boyfriend wailed a beanbag at some bottles and they just exploded, and I got the big-headed giraffe I had been earnestly coveting all summer. 

Apparently, this is not the sort of thing that drives all 32-year-olds wild. But, it sure works on me. 

Also, I gave in and ordered an iPhone 5. This is huge news because I've been loyally toting around this brick for a couple years now:
    It's not even a Blackberry. It has a slide-out keyboard. Why yes, it was free with the plan.
That retro-looking gadget is called the LG Cosmos and it has some good qualities, like: I once washed it with a pair of pants and it didn't even blink. Also: I drop it, constantly, and just piece it back together like three legos.  So, we had a good run, that Cosmos and me. 

Then today I went to work, which was kind of a drag on account of it being Sunday and all, but there are way worse ways to pay the bills. Today I got to help my staff host a kitten shower, which is like a baby shower except it's to find homes for orphaned kittens.

The staff's genuine enthusiasm for our kitten party was completely contagious. And. to make it even more fun, I got to take pictures of the kittens being kittens and post them on our Facebook to entice people to come in. AND we sent 17 cats home, including one that was FIV+, so it was a good day.

Also, I got to go see my mom and dad and their big dog Winnie.

And finally, the cat and I are being 100% awesome right now, parked in front of 30 Rock.
"Everything's better when we're home alone together. Break up with your boyfriend and be with me always."
                   - all cats, everywhere

So, it was a really great weekend, and my heart swells with love. The end!