Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thanks for the Product Placement, Siri.

My parents and I got our first iPhones this weekend. 

I was still asleep at 7am when my phone woke me up and told me that my mom wanted to Facetime. I answered, saying, "That's mean" and just saw my mom, looking all confused, saying, "Who said anything about Facetime? I was just trying to call you!"  We had to hang up and start over. 

Then I figured I'd go back to bed till 8, so I said, "Siri, wake me up at-." But instead she pulled up a contact: my friend Siri Espy. Oh, woe to any iPhone users who have a real-life Siri. But this made me laugh, so I went into Facebook to tell Siri Espy about this. Since I was not wearing my glasses, I decided to try voice typing, so I said, 

I tried to tell Siri to do something but all it did was pull up your photo.

And instead I got:

I tried to tell Siri to do something and Polident was pull-up your photo.

Here's hoping for no more technical difficulties today. 

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